Monday, January 26, 2015

EP Team Alert - Dating Apps Let Snoopers Track Users

Snoopers have spied on massive numbers of amorous singletons by exploiting security flaws in dating apps.

Luckily, the spies were not creepy stalkers or violent perverts, but a group of cybersecurity experts on a mission to make life safer for daters.

They were able to track volunteers' every move in a discovery which should send chills down the spine of anyone using apps to find love...

This weekend, Colby Moore (security researcher at Synack) will present a talk at the tech conference ShmooCon, where he will discuss how he managed to track "tens of thousands" of amorous app users at the same time.

He suggested dating app security holes could even be used to spy on celebs.

"We [will] show just how easy it might be to reveal the identity of and track your favorite athlete, politician, or movie star," Moore wrote.