Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coming Soon - Confide - The Vanishing App for Executives

Sometime in the coming weeks, confidential-messaging startup Confide will launch a service that allows businesses to send documents, not just texts, using its signature version of disappearing ink.

This advanced Snapchat for grown-ups, the company believes, will bring back the sense of privacy and control that has increasingly become a casualty of online communications. It should also provide a defense against hackers...

The system has been envisioned as a sort of online version of the private business call...

Alone among ephemeral apps, Confide cloaks the text in a way that makes it impossible to capture with a screen shot. The user reads by moving a finger underneath each line of text, which unveils just a few words at a time... Confide's other selling points include end-to-end encryption... The message vanishes from users' phones once it's sent and after it's read.