Monday, January 12, 2015

Why You Need to Sweep for Bugs (TSCM) - Reason # 6: LAWSUITS

The cost of illegal bugging, wiretapping and video voyeurism is more than emotional distress and lost information...

IN - South Bend taxpayers have so far been saddled with about $1.6 million in attorney fees and the costs of settling lawsuits sparked by the police department's recording of some officers' telephone conversations. 

The city and its Common Council have together spent almost $800,000 on attorney fees to date in the ongoing legal battle over the recordings. South Bend also has settled three lawsuits for another $810,000, boosting the total cost of the litigation to about $1.6 million, the South Bend Tribune reported.

The last remaining legal question is whether the wiretapping was illegal... South Bend, joined by four officers, battled the council on that question during a two-day trial in August. A federal judge has not yet ruled. Expect more attorney fees and possibly fines.

A due diligence debugging sweep program (2-4 times per year) cost most companies less than $35,000. per year.  

$1.6 million dollars equals 45+ years of due diligence. 

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