Tuesday, January 27, 2015

NYC - Spycam Found in Bathroom Used by Top Corporations

The New York City Police Department reported today that a pinhole camera was found in a unisex bathroom at Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)’s corporate offices in NYC last week. A designer with the company discovered the camera, located above the light switch.

Johnson & Johnson ’s building maintenance supervisor reported the camera to the New York Police Department after it was discovered on Jan. 16, 2015. After examination, the camera was found to contain an SD card used for video storage. Johnson & Johnson’s Carol Goodrich said the company had immediately contacted the NYPD after the camera’s discovery...
Spycams are disguised as many things. This one is a USB stick.

“The device was hidden above a light switch in the bathroom next to offices that include Ralph Lauren and Haynes Roberts...” reported the New York Post. “The bathroom with the hidden device is open and accessible to all tenants and guests on the floor. It wasn’t clear whether the potty perv who put it there captured customers or models who do photo shoots nearby in RR Donnelley’s Studio W26. Investigators had yet to review the storage drive recovered with the camera.”...

Today’s story about the pinhole camera is part of what appears to be a trend. * NBC ran a story on March 27, 2014 about numerous reports of cameras being found in public bathrooms...

The NYPD indicates they are investigating the J&J camera as a sex crime and unlawful surveillance, with the added possibility of obscene material involving people under the age of 17.

*More like pandemic based on news reports and sweep requests received here.
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