Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tip: Turn Your Old iPod into a Security Camera for Free (UPDATE)

Last summer I tipped you off about an app that turns your old Apple devices into video surveillance cameras. It is called Manything.

Manything recently made the news...

A Tempe homeowner caught a would-be burglar rummaging through her house on her "puppy" cam.

Mia used an iPhone app called Manything to set up a live video feed to keep an eye on her dogs while she was away at work. She pulled up the feed on her work computer and saw an unknown man walking through her living room.

Dispatcher: 911. What is your emergency?

Caller: Hi. There's someone in my house

"My dogs are there, he's giving the dog treats," she told the dispatcher. The man then noticed the camera and turned it off, but Mia has already contacted the police.

Officers surrounded the home and took the man into custody.
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