Monday, January 9, 2017

Everything You Wanted to Know About a Career in Executive Protection...

...but were afraid to ask ...or, didn't know who to ask.

The Executive Protection Institute (EPI) in New York City has an entry-level course which explains all. EPI was founded in 1978 and now incorporates the famous EP school founded by Dr. Richard W. Kobetz. He still teaches there.

The following is the course description.


This is an informative 2-Part Webinar Series designed to introduce men and women to the professional career field of personal protection and provide an overview and refresher for experienced practitioners.

Course Content                                               Topics Covered Include
Who is qualified?
Advance Work
Protective Measures
Where is the work?
Preventive Strategies
Traits Required
When to start?
Threat Assessment
What assignments can I expect?
Why consider this career?
Risk Management
How much money can I earn?

This Webinar series is for those who are curious or have an interest in the field of Providing Personal Protection. For individuals involved in other security careers, law enforcement, military, business, law, teaching, computers, sales, service industry and students; those who are considering another career or planning their retirement job. This is also an excellent overview and refresher for those currently involved in Executive Protection. An opportunity to learn the difference between "bodyguard" work and professional personal protection from the first school to consider Personal Protection as anew professional career and continues to teach worldwide since being founded in 1978.

This 2-Part Webinar Series will be conducted over two 3-hour evening sessions. Attendees will receive an invite to the virtual classroom after registration is confirmed.
The course is being held in NYC on January 13th from 9am-5pm. It will also be given as an on-line webinar on January 18 & 19 from 7pm to 10pm (EST).

While it's not free, it's affordable, and could change your life. more