Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Simple Tips for Thwarting Common Smartphone Eavesdropping

At Secure Network in Armory Square they actually don't get a lot of people calling about their phone being hacked-because they don't always know its happening.

The president of Secure Network says these "eavesdropping" apps are common. but they are not marketed that way. ...he says you should be the only one using your phone.

"I wouldn't relinquish your phone to somebody who started putting apps on your phone or downloading things on your phone," said Steve Stasiukonis, "be conscious of what's on your phone if things are obviously if they appear out of place you know the suspect in question it." You can also look to see if your data plan is getting more expensive. more

• Make sure your phone requires (good quality) password or fingerprint access. 
• If you suspect a problem, do a full factory reset, and don't reload your backup. ~Kevin