Friday, January 13, 2017

Security Director Alert - Peeping Tom Drone - A Cautionary Tale

NH - Two women who live in the same building say they spotted a drone flying over their skylights last weekend and fear the device’s operator could be spying on them.

The women said they immediately told their landlord they feared someone was using drones to spy on them. The landlord was concerned a “Peeping Tom” may be in the area...

Police say if the drones were spying on the women, the operator could face charges because it would be an invasion of privacy. more

Security Directors: News reports about Peeping Tom drones are plentiful. That's because they see people, and people see them. 

What is not so publicized are drones peering through office windows to collect intelligence... like posted passwords and conference call numbers. 

An after-hours clear desk, clear whiteboard policy is more important than ever now. If corporate culture won't support that, how about a close the blinds at the end of the day policy. ~Kevin