Sunday, January 8, 2017

Australian Police Make a Good GPS Point

West Australian police are urging beachgoers to keep their valuables safe this summer, with a particular warning to those who use navigation devices...

Acting Senior Sergeant Martin said... navigation devices in particular posed a risk because owners usually programmed in their home location.

"If they leave their keys down at the beach sand, the offenders will grab the keys off the beach, walk up to the car park, find which car the keys belong to, they'll have access to that Navman, press that home button and now they've got keys and the location where those keys can be utilized and burglaries committed." more 

Spybusters Tip # 815 - Do not enter your exact home location into your GPS device, smartphone, laptop, etc. Your town center is close enough. Hopefully, you know the rest of the way home. ~Kevin