Saturday, January 28, 2017

More Bad Security News for Android

A team from CSIRO's Data 61, University of NSW (Australia) and UC Berkley in the US found a whole bunch of Android VPN apps contain viruses, spyware and other adware.

Researchers analyzed the apps available for Android to look for nasties like trojans, spyware and adware — giving each an "anti-virus rank (AV)" based on what they found. The lower the rank, the better.

They found of the 283 apps they analyzed, 38 per cent contained malware or malvertising (malicious advertising containing viruses). more
Check Point’s mobile security researchers have discovered a new ransomware in Google Play, dubbed Charger. 

Charger was found embedded in an app called EnergyRescue. The infected app steals contacts and SMS messages from the user’s device and asks for admin permissions. If granted, the ransomware locks the device and displays a message demanding payment. more

A tip of the hat to our Blue Blaze Irregulars who submitted these news items. ~Kevin