Friday, January 13, 2017

If You Need an In-House TSCM Manager Copy This Job Posting

 If in-house is not practical for you, call me. This is what we do. ~Kevin


Abbott Laboratories is seeking an experienced Senior Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM) professional to serve as a program manager in charge of providing support towards the implementation and management of protecting the companies Intellectual Property and maintaining product integrity.

TSCM duties include but are not limited to the following tasks:
  • Conducting TSCM surveys and inspections to monitor for evasive radio frequency signals, and perform a wide variety of physical and technical security related functions at Abbott facilities as well as inspecting for technical penetrations, hazards, and physical security weaknesses that could result in the unauthorized access to sensitive material and proprietary Intellectual Property belonging to Abbot Laboratories. TSCM sweeps are to be conducted for the 200 Abbott facilities located domestically and abroad.
  • Pre-Construction Advisory Services: Providing assistance and guidance to Abbott leadership prior to new construction or modification of an existing space to safeguard areas from vulnerabilities associated with technical hazards and/or penetrations that can occur during facility construction or modification. Coordinate projects associated with security enhancements or downgrades as well as new facility construction requirements.
  • Conference Support: Onsite monitoring of Abbott sponsored conferences to safeguard against surreptitious monitoring when the area used for discussion of sensitive Intellectual Property is not properly constructed, security measures are not maintained, or when deemed necessary to safeguard information or personnel. Analyze all voice and data communications schemes, systems, circuits, and equipment for susceptibility to interception and compromise.
  • Technical Security advice and assistance: Brief Security Division managers on programmatic security issues that could have institutional impact as well as conduct TSCM threat and awareness briefings to Abbott management and employees as necessary. Providing comprehensive, risk‐based technical security advice, guidance, and general security support to offices and activities the TSCM Office supports; preparing written correspondence and after-action reports to include TSCM inspection findings and recommendations reports, analytical reports, technical security awareness briefings, technical briefings, and vulnerability reports; conducting analysis and recommending solutions to a variety of complex technical surveillance, and counter-surveillance detection or other technical vulnerabilities. Conduct initial laboratory analyses and/or evaluation of any suspect surveillance device discovered, and coordinate with the appropriate Law Enforcement Agencies as appropriate.
  • Follow Up Inspections: Coordinating with Security Managers and facilities management in supported areas to correct deficiencies (i.e., technical hazards, technical vulnerabilities and Standard Operating Procedures that affect technical security) and guide implementation of recommended solutions and technical countermeasures.
Perform other related duties and functions as assigned.  more