Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Howard Stern Sued for Eavesdropping on IRS Phone Call

Howard Stern is being sued for airing live a phone call that a woman thought she was having privately with an IRS agent. 

Stern was sued by Judith Barrigas on Monday for airing a 45-minute conversation that she had with IRS Agent Jimmy Forsythe, according to The Hollywood Reporter...

Before Barrigas was connected to Forsythe, though, the agent was on another line with Stern's show. He put the Stern show on hold to take the call with Barrigas.

Someone on Stern’s show was able to listen in on the Barrigas-Forsythe phone conversation and was apparently so intrigued by it that they decided to air the dialogue live on the radio show. 

The show, which has 30 million subscribers, shared Barrigas’ phone number on the air.. more full lawsuit