Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Security Director Alert: Must See Video About Printer Security

My team and I have been giving the IT folks nightmares about this for years. 
Now, you can too!
Watch this... 

At a time when hacking dominates much of the news, HP is turning to Mr. Robot himself to highlight its new security platform designed to protect business printers. The Palo Alto-based company has tapped Christian Slater for a year-long digital series called "The Wolf" in order to draw attention to cybersecurity in the workplace.

"Sheep never realize a wolf's around until it's too late. Then they do exactly what the wolf expects them to do. They run into each other, they fall down—they become dinner. Time to eat," says a spectacled Mr. Slater in the series' 30-second trailer.

The first six-minute episode shows the actor lurking outside offices, sending sheep cartoons to oblivious workers, crashing birthday parties and sending suspicious spa gift certificates via email. At one point, he even howls. more