Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Solution to Dog-With-A-Bone Phoneaddicts

Dog-With-A-Bone Phoneaddicts are everywhere: at corporate meetings/events, concerts, expensive social gatherings, movie theaters, classrooms, lecture halls, even family dinner tables. The list is endless, others become furious, and speaking out could be injurious.

Temporary separation of the bonephone from the addict results in growling and snarling.

The only way to unlock Yondr's phone case 
is to tap it on the unlocking station.  
Photo: Jarrard Cole / The Wall Street Journal
There is a better solution... Yondr.

"As people enter the venue, their phones will be placed in Yondr cases. Once they enter the phone-free zone, the cases will lock. Attendees maintain possession of their phones and are now free to enjoy the experience without distraction... If at any point attendees need to use their phones, they simply step outside of the phone-free zone to unlock the case."

It's a good compromise.
Simple. Easy. Effective.