Monday, February 6, 2017

Security Director Alert - Check the Security of Your Networked Printers

Following recent research that showed many printer models are vulnerable to attacks, a hacker decided to prove the point and forced thousands of publicly exposed printers to spew out rogue messages.

Stackoverflowin claims to be a high-school student from the U.K. who is interested in security research...

The issue of publicly exposed printers is not new and has been exploited before to print rogue and sometimes offensive messages. However, the issue was renewed last week when researchers from Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany published a paper on different attacks against network printers and an assessment of 20 printer models. The researchers also released a Printer Exploitation Toolkit and published a printer hacking wiki.

Users should make sure that their printers can't be accessed through a public Internet Protocol address at all, Stackoverflowin said. However, if they need to do this, they should enforce access rules in their routers and only whitelist certain IP addresses, or set up a virtual private network, he said. more

I occasionally find networked printers are a back door to company networks. The most common issue is unsecured WiFi access. Have your IT department review this post and then double-check the security of the printers. Or, contact me for a complete technical information security inspection (TSCM). ~Kevin