Sunday, February 5, 2017

TV News Report: Peeping Toms Go High-Tech with Covert Cameras

When it comes to hidden cameras, cellphones are just the beginning. 12 News had two well-known licensed private investigators show us just how covert cameras have become...

So the question is, with cameras being so available and affordable – is there any way to protect yourself from being spied on without knowing it?

He showed us one of several products they have to detect hidden cameras.

The basic device uses a red strobe light to reflect light off the lens of a camera that may be hidden in an object.

They also sell radio frequency detectors which can help detect any wireless signals.

Still, according to our private investigators, neither detection method is full proof.

“There is no sense of protection in terms of a cure all,” George said, “if somebody wanted to set up a camera without your knowledge and you weren't inquisitive - you would never know it was there.”

He says simple awareness and just being inquisitive is your biggest weapon. more with video report

Learn how to discover covert spy cameras yourself.