Sunday, February 5, 2017

Recent Spy Camera News

A radiologist at a private practice has been spared jail after stashing his mobile phone in an air vent to record patients using the unisex toilet. more

An Orleans Parish judge dealt several setbacks late Tuesday to a prominent New Orleans breast reconstruction surgeon who faces rape and video voyeurism charges. Dr. Alireza Sadeghi, 41, is accused of raping and surreptitiously filming his now-estranged wife and of videotaping four nude patients in the operating room without their consent. In at least one instance, prosecutors claim, Sadeghi forwarded the footage to a friend. His trial is scheduled for March 20. more

A Utah man and student at BYU-Idaho has been accused of placing a small camera in the bathroom of a Rexburg apartment where six female students live... Rexburg police say a small camera was found hidden inside a towel hook mounted in the bathroom. more

A handyman who was jailed for 24 weeks after he hid a spy camera in a woman's bathroom after being invited round to fix her banisters is appealing his conviction... The court had heard Burnett, 41, planted the covert device in a vase in the victim's bathroom and could control it using an app on his mobile phone. When the victim went to change the flowers in the bathroom two months later she discovered the device and contacted the police. more

Some Indiana lawmakers suggest drone users with nefarious intentions could be flying under the radar under existing laws. ...the proposal creates a “remote aerial voyeurism” crime and addresses penalties for sex offenders operating drones inappropriately. more

Shaun Turner accessed his victims’ personal webcams but was caught by the Eastern Regional Operations Unit (ERSOU) following a tip-off. Turner, 29, of Race Course View, Cottenham, was used a malware system known as a Remote Access Trojan or ‘RAT’, a court heard. The RATs used by Turner enabled him to download all files held on his victims’ computers – including personal pictures, videos and identity documents. In addition, he deployed software to victims’ computers that streamed live images taken by their webcam to his own computer to view. more