Friday, May 20, 2011

Android Malware Jumps 400 Percent as All Mobile Threats Rise

Mobile security is the new malware battlefield as attackers take advantage of users who don’t think their smartphones can get compromised.

Cyber-attackers are gunning for Google’s Android as they take advantage of a user base that is “unaware, disinterested or uneducated” in mobile security, according to a recent research report.

Malware developers are increasingly focusing on mobile devices, and Android malware has surged 400 percent since summer 2010, according to the Malicious Mobile Threats Report 2010/2011 released May 11. The increase in malware is a result of users not being concerned about security, large number of downloads from unknown sources and the lack of mobile security software, according to the Juniper Networks Global Threat Center, which compiled the report. (more)