Friday, May 6, 2011

One More Step Closer to Mind Eavesdropping

Less spooky than it sounds, but a concept which could be applied to more than just Hello Kitty ears...

(Japanese English from their web site.)
People think that our body has limitation, however just imagine if we have organs that doesn’t exist, moreover we can control that new body? We created new human’s organs that use brain wave sensor. (more)
“Neurowear” has developed a product called “necomimi” which takes brain signals from our emotions and turns them into visible actions rendering them in the form of wiggling cat ears.

Advertising it as a new communication tool that “augments the human body and ability”, the website introduces the product as a fashion item and gadget that uses brainwaves and other biosensors. Designed obviously for the cutesy Japanese market with its cat ear shape (neco and mimi being the words for cat and ear) the ears mimic a cat’s ears as they wiggle and rise with the wearers emotional state, for example rising in anticipation of eating a delicious cookie, or drop down when relaxed. (more)

Ok, stop laughing. Can't you see a version of this being mandated in classrooms so teachers can tell at a glance who's not paying attention? :)