Thursday, May 19, 2011

SpyCam Story #609 - Largest Video Monitoring Contract in History

In what it says is the “largest video monitoring contract in history,” Iverify at the end of April announced it won a five-year contract valued at $39 million to provide guard replacement and shrink-reduction services to 529 Family Dollar stores, nationwide.

Iverify president Mike May said Iverify brought big savings to the table for the Family Dollar.

"[They are] using a robust application that uses Cernium analytics for location-based risk assessment that triggers local announcements in the vicinity of high-shrink products. Further, with sophisticated time-based analysis, it then escalates the risk profile and engages a live intervention from a protection specialist," May told Security Systems News. "They then assess and respond to a protocol based in the actual risk. This is a best case model leveraging intelligent video coupled with a loss-prevention certified specialist that responds and reduces the customer's potential shrink losses." (more)

Think about it. Dollar Stores, yes DOLLAR STORES is going to invest about $14,750.00 per store, per year (actually more factoring in the "protection specialist" cost) to protect their dollar items from "walking"! They know the value of a dollar.

How much have you invested in your business counterespionage program to keep your intellectual secrets from "walking", your corporate secrets from "talking", and your strategic conversations from "bugging"? We can help, call us.