Saturday, May 21, 2011

SpyCam Apps and Gadgets - The Evaporation of Privacy

The smartphone spycam app market is booming. Recording gadgets are being built into everything (see previous story). You can no longer count on someone looking obvious while taking photos, recording movies or just recording sound. 

Tip: Be like the CIA. If you care about your privacy and/or the confidentiality of your surroundings, don't allow any type of foreign electronics into the area.

An android app from one seller's web page...
The silent spy camera. Take pictures quickly and silently with a mini preview display overlay for ultimate discretion. Have you ever wanted to take a picture but didn't want to use the noisy and conspicuous built-in Android camera app? Taking a picture of a questionable practice at work, a restaurant worker mishandling food, a camera-shy family member, or maybe your secret crush?

Secret Spy Cam is for you!

- 3 discreet preview sizes
- Runs as an overlay over any other app
- Single-tap picture taking
- Single-tap quick app exit
- No shutter sound while still allowing your phone to ring for incoming calls
- User manual available from the app's menu (more)

Examples of video from a high definition spycam sunglasses, key fobs, etc. (video) (video) (video)