Monday, May 9, 2011

WPEC Reports - Spying on you: Cell phone snoops


Our deepest secrets are often told during cell phone conversations. Could you imagine if someone would have constant access to your personal information by tapping into your cell phone and listening to your private conversations?

Chai Chaiyanan and his fellow college students are chatting, not knowing danger is about to walk by. A man swiped his smart phone. What the stranger is about to do is nothing short of spying. He's planting a special application that can turn Chai's phone against him, his every move monitored by a mobile spy app.

Turns out the scenario is not a real one and Chai knew he was being spied on. But FIU technology professor Faisal Kaleem, who posed for CBS 12 as our bad guy, says it can happen to you as long as you leave your phone unattended.

Kaleem is talking about powerful apps like Flexispy and others, that once secretly installed are hidden in your phone and untraceable to you.

Room bugging is one function. The bad guy calls the victim's cell and it instantly activates the phone like a microphone. The bad guy can monitor our conversation and the phone appears to be off. (more) (antidote)