Thursday, June 9, 2011

NLJD "Test Target" for TSCM Reverse Engineered

Ok, I know not everyone will "get" this, but the TSCM'ers in our readership will. Everyone else, go read the next post.
Thanks to our respected Canadian colleague for pointing this out.

Disclaimer: I will not be responsible if you read this and die laughing. You have been warned. DO NOT read this if you have a weak heart. 

This week on eBay...
Reverse Engineered...
$0.00 - Paint Stick (free at any paint store)
$0.35 - Diode
$0.00 - Can of paint bought for some other reason.
$69.00 - "Buy It Now" on eBay... priceless!
$8.00 - Expedited Shipping

Of course, the reverse engineering above is just wild speculation. It is possible that the stick is rare Anigre wood, the diode is actually a specially designed array which was painstakingly tuned to provide an even 360ยบ sphere of sensitivity with a tolerance of +/- .0045%, and all this was encased in an environmentally sealed protective coating – impervious to everything except NLJD emissions.