Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HD DVR Sunglasses for Cops - "I see you respect my authoritaah."

WA - The Snohomish Police are trying out some new personal video recorders Wednesday at the eye care center...

China has developed a pair of eyeglasses that can record HD video. The Chief was very tight lipped about what exactly they would be getting but did say the first group would be getting them tomorrow thanks to the new police guild who has helped raise money for this.

This may be close to what the police could be receiving as eyewear DVRs...

Micro Spycam - "12 MP pinhole cameras are capable of capturing photographs at professional level resolution. The camera device is incredibly tiny and perfect for spy application as well. Disguised as regular sunglasses you can record situations without anybody around you knowing or aware they are being recorded."

Video Quality: "High quality professional grade video recording HD 1280x720 (720P) video with Sound at 30fps (Frames Per Second) makes a very smooth recording." (more)

Ever wonder just how many types of HD video sunglasses are available? Check here.