Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Aerial Espionage is No Longer an Obvious Piper Cub Buzzing Your Plant

Pix4uav provides hands free solutions for UAV imagery. The processing includes the automatic external and internal orientation of the input images, the computation of an orthographic image, its robust geo-referencing and the creation of digital surface models.

This functionality is provided by a fast cloud service, a private server solution that can be placed in your office as well as a light version that can run on your laptop with basic functionality. (more)

In other words... 
Aerial surveillance is now being accomplished in 3D, using stealth model aircraft with a semi-silent electric motor, by a guy working out of the trunk of his car, a mile away. If intelligence can be gleaned about your company, manufacturing processes, work force size, stockpiles, and interior open spaces... you need to think about some countermeasures. Contact a professional counterespionage specialist for assistance.