Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PrivateEye Software - Automatic Screen Shield - Major Price Drop

When this product was first pitched to the government a few years back it was about $49.95. TODAY - $1.99!!! 
These guys are brilliant, on two counts. 
1. This is a really clever, innovative security solution that works. 
2. They are really trying to sell the enterprise solution of this software... by practically giving away free individual samples to seed the marketplace.
End result. Everyone wins.

BTW, I am not affiliated in any way with any of the products I discuss here. I paid for the original version of PrivateEye I tested. I just paid for the upgrade to test that version. 

I love showing off new software and gadgets to my clients. Just after "Hello" comes "What cool stuff did you bring to show me this time, Kevin?" 

Let's review... 

"How can I stop shoulder surfers from reading my computer screen? The polarized screen thing makes me look like a paranoid dork."

Kevin says... Funny you should ask. I recently purchased some computer screen security software for testing, PrivateEyes from Oculis Labs. It works eerily well. All you need is a computer screen with a video camera and Windows. 

During the simple setup, the software learns who you are by looking at your face. From that point on, the screen automatically blurs unless you are looking directly at it. Turn to answer a phone call, or talk to someone nearby – BLURRR goes the screen. 

"What if someone sneaks up behind me?" I hear you say. No problem. When it sees an extra set of eyes – BLURRR.

Pro: The BLURRR effect changes quickly.
Con: Doesn't work as well in a high contrast environment.
The upgrade seems to have fixed this. Still testing.

PrivateEyes would also make an awesome IT guy gag. "I don't know. Your computer screen looks sharp and clear to me. Maybe you should get your eyes checked."

FREE 30-day trial, or just buy it for $1.99