Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Will Anna Chapman Do Next?

Move over, TechCrunch and watch your back, Wired. The voracious self-promotion empire that is Russian spy babe Anna Chapman now claims another conquest. Russia’s sweetheart and America’s favorite deportee is taking over the reins as editor for a small venture capital newspaper.

Yes, hard as it may be to believe, a Putin ally from the intelligences services has found success in Russian business, politics and, now, media. Chapman will take over as editor of the Russian-language Venture Business News, a publication covering the world of venture capital. We’ll also be treated to Anna’s musings on matters economic in a weekly column, Field News. (more)

Anna's interesting time-line, July 2010 until now...
• U.S. sleeper spy who never awoke, was arrested and deported.
• Posed in lingerie for photo shoot.
• Attended a Russian space launch.
• Had a sing-along with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
• Nicknamed Agent "90-60-90" by the Russian press, referring to her alleged measurements.
• Attended a political youth rally.
• Attended a meeting of the commission on economic modernization and technological development of the Russian economy.
• Launched a weekly television show called "Mysteries of the World with Anna Chapman."
• Trademarked her name to pimp eight lines of merchandise, including vodka, clothing and watches.
• Assist the Russian space agency in designing a stylish new uniform for its personnel.
• Will run for Parliament in her native Russia. (No word on how this is working out.)
• And now, editor of a newspaper.

So, what have you done since last July?