Thursday, June 9, 2011

SPYPEDIA Library is On-Line and Open for Business

 SPYPEDIA, is the CI Centre's new counterintelligence and security database. It is a resource of cases, latest news, podcasts, videos, CI calendar events, quotes, reports, and more. SPYPEDIA has been in research and preparation for 15 years.

A continually updated, rich, open source database for professionals in the counterintelligence, security, and counterterrorism disciplines; educators; authors; researchers; academia; students; and all who hold an interest in CI and CT.  

What's Available...
• Search current and archival news links and security trends.
• Facts on case studies of spy cases, economic espionage, security, leaks, illegal exports to high-threat countries, foreign intel officers, domestic terrorists.
• Articles from authorities on counterintelligence, terrorism, and security issues.
• Download critical information for your organization's security awareness briefings.
• Hours of video documenting CI and security lessons, vital issues, key facts, and important cases.
• CI history - congressional hearings on espionage related activities, government reports, source documents, and spy trials.
• CI and CT expert reviews of current movies, books, and television shows. (more)