Monday, June 27, 2011

When Board Members Phone It In - One Anti-Eavesdropping Solution

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Problem 1: Conference calls very often contain highly confidential and sensitive information – such as Board and Executive Management Team calls, Intellectual Property discussions, high value business deal talks, or crisis management calls. 
Problem 2: Traditional conference bridges make it difficult to control who is on a call. Long lived PINs are often distributed freely, making conference calls easy to access by unauthorized parties such as ex-employees.

Cellcrypt Secure Conference Service™ is a solution for extra-secure access and encrypted calling within a secure conference bridge, accessible from cell phones.
Cellcrypt secure conference calling uses strong cryptographic authentication in combination with pre-defined phone numbers to ensure that only authorized phones can join. The service has an easy-to use web-based management console for setting up any number of bridges with eligible participants defined using a white list policy.

An optional policy setting enables eligible participants to gain access to the bridge from a standard phone, if required, using a pre-defined phone number and PIN. This allows an administrator to mix unencrypted calls from selected phones over the public telephone network with secure calls from other locations where calling is a concern. (more)