Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More on License Plate Reading in Massachusetts

A Security Scrapbook Blue Blaze Irregular in the area checks in...

"A related observation to the automatic license plate scanners. I bet Boston/MA has more than they are admitting to.

For instance: Logan Airport central parking has been employing this technology for at least a year if not two.

They scan your plate when you take your ticket to park. This way they know which car is tagged to which serialized parking ticket. Then the periodically drive through the parking lot capturing plates. When you pay for your parking they print the location of your car as a courtesy.

I recently tested the system. I usually park facing out and I have only a rear plate. Most times the system cannot tell me where I left my car. So this past time I purposely parking with my plate facing out. Sure enough my location was printed.

I bet they drive through at night. I keep my eyes peeled when I'm there looking for the vehicle."

10-4 ~Jersey