Monday, August 15, 2011

Security Director Alert - Another Name for your Rolodex... Data Killers

Why would anyone want to shred a smartphone...twice?  

Well, if they wanted to be sure that all of their private information wouldn't fall into the wrong hands; they might shred it or burn it or both! Who would blame them when Wikileaks and identity theft stories dominate the news headlines? From corporate espionage to bored hackers, it seems someone is always after someone else's data! How does one keep private, corporate or government information from becoming public knowledge?

Recently a large federal agency that had upgraded their enterprise-wide smartphones wanted to have the old phones destroyed. The security officer responsible for the destruction of these smartphones took the smartphones to an un-knowledgeable electronics recycling company who shredded the phones. Unfortunately that company didn't have the specialized equipment to shred them small enough and the officer found several intact SIM cards in a pile of shredded residue. Luckily he found the un-shredded cards before the Inspector General found them! (more)

As you can see, not all shredding companies are created equal. Data Killers is the destruction arm of Turtle Wings, Inc., an ISO certified, woman-owned, HUBZoned company holding multiple GSA contracts. These folks claim they can get it done right the first time:
Elizabeth Wilmot, President