Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Are there any entry-level TSCM jobs?"

Not very many,
but here is one...

The Technical Security Specialist responsibilities including, but not limited to:

• Review and make recommendations for technical security upgrades design based on counter-threat plans, physical security and technical security policies.
• Providing support services for a comprehensive technical security program designed to protect facilities and employees. Assists in developing and reviewing technical security designs for facilities. Providing input/review of proposed policies.
• Working under the direction of a Sr. TSCM specialist, to advise, and assist program office personnel on matters of technical security policy, procedures, and regulations.
• Conducting technical security needs surveys for preventing unauthorized access to facilities and possible loss of life or classified information. Providing a report of findings for each survey conducted...

The Technical Security Specialist shall possess the following background, knowledge, and skills... (