Monday, December 29, 2008

Security Budget Cuts Cost More Than They Save

• "If it were to become manifest just how routinely hugely sensitive corporate and governmental data is being hacked, I can guarantee that none of us would rest easy in our beds again."

• "Sixty percent of office workers faced with redundancy or the sack admit they will take valuable data with them, if they could get away with it! 40% are downloading sensitive company secrets right now under their bosses nose in anticipation that they could lose their job."

• "Sixty-two percent of workers admitted it was easy to sneak company information out of the office."

• "In the wake of the recession, more businesses are facing a growing financial threat: employee theft. New research shows that employers are seeing an increase in internal crimes..."

• "More than half the workers surveyed who admitted to already downloading competitive corporate data said they would use it as a negotiating tool to secure their next post because they know the information will be useful to future employers."
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