Thursday, December 18, 2008

This Man Is Wanted... you, if you have a computer network to protect.
His name is Gideon J. Lenkey.
This is his story...

"The job starts like any other. We park down the street so we can just barely see the target. We wait patiently to get the rhythm of the smokers popping in and out of the side door. Waiting until no one's there, we walk up, holding cigarette butts (neither of us smokes) and wait for the door to open. Crush the butt into the ash tray, nod to the person holding the door, and we're in. Now to find an empty office or conference room -- any place we can access the company network.

This time we're lucky -- there is a dark conference room not far from the smoking door, so we don't have to walk the halls for very long. We go in, close the door, there is a PC in the corner as there usually is these days. We're almost done, I think. In 15 minutes we'll be back in the car snickering about how easy it was and suggesting that stupidity should be more physically painful..."
What happens next is not what you expect. (more)