Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sales Trump Security Again - Hacker's Cheer

Motorola sees all LANs wireless in future...
Corporate networks will increasingly be deployed using wireless technology. ...69 percent of IT directors said they planned to make their LAN completely wireless by 2010, providing key concerns were met...

Businesses may still have concerns over wireless with regards to the security of the technology against eavesdropping, performance of the network, and its reliability.

However, Angelo Lamme, wireless director of Motorola's Enterprise Mobility, said that the newer 802.11n equipment now being deployed addresses many of these concerns. (more)

Just "many"; not all? Which ones?
Hit the brakes!
What could possibly go wrong?!?!
• Hackers have already cracked every level of Wi-Fi security.
• Laptop users are already corporate info-sieves due to WiPhishing and Evil Twin loopholes.
• And, public access Wi-Fi is a data voyeur's delight.

Advice: Demand better before you pull out the corporate wallet, and unlock your info-vault.