Monday, December 29, 2008

iPhone Warning

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It seems the Apple iPhone is everywhere. However, an iPhone can become a Spyphone allowing others to secretly monitor the user's calling, web browsing and texting. Mobile Spy is iPhone monitoring software that can now be downloaded...

An attorney has some fears about it.

Clint David said,"What it's really for is monitoring spouses and girlfriends. That's fine, there's only one problem. If you use this product improperly it's a federal and state criminal offense. It's called wiretapping. ... If that special someone gives you an iPhone you want to make sure that it's not booby trapped and if you want to want to make sure that iPhone it's really a spyphone." (
Although iPhone was discussed here, the same applies to other smart cell phones as well.

Spybusters Tip #387
Keep in mind that this only for 2nd generation iPhones (3G), and it only let's the spy see a log of calls and SMS text messages. There is no eavesdropping on the call itself. Installation requires "jailbreaking" the iPhone first.

The manufacturer's spyware removal instructions.
(Not yet updated to include iPhone, but should be soon.)
~ Kevin