Thursday, December 11, 2008

Man fined for selling illegal 'spy bug' kits

UK - A businessman has been fined thousands of pounds for selling illegal spy equipment that could have interfered with aircraft – and even Ministry of Defence communications.

The "spy bugs" were sold by Umesh Bharakhada (43), of Millers Close, Syston.

The bugs used the same radio frequencies as the aviation industry and could disrupt communications with aircraft flying overhead.

Bharakhada made the illegal kit and sold it on to surveillance supply firms in Chesterfield and Coventry – who sold it on to anyone who asked, city magistrates were told...

He was fined £4,200 and ordered to pay £6,000 in legal costs... It is the second time he has been fined. In 2003, he was prosecuted for selling bugging devices to private investigation companies to eavesdrop on conversations. (more)