Friday, December 12, 2008

Putin's Mountain of Spies & Google's New Eyes

There were no tigers to catch, and it's not really the right season to be fishing shirtless, so Russian Prime Minister [ex-spymaster] Vladimir Putin renamed a mountain this week. There is a 10,788-foot peak in North Ossetia that had previously been without a name. Putin claimed naming rights, dubbing it the Peak of Russian Counterintelligence Agents, seriously, naming it after the country's spies. (more)

Meanwhile, Google ogles an eye that spies at 2,233,440 feet!
GeoEye 1, a satellite launched into polar orbit on September 6 that can "see" objects on Earth as small as 16 inches (0.41 meter) in size in black-and-white mode or 64.6 inches (1.64 meters) in color. Images from the GeoEye 1, which stands 20 feet (6.1 meters) high and weighs more than 4,300 pounds (1,950 kilograms), so impressed Google that the Internet search giant plans to add the satellite's high-resolution, digital color photos to Google Earth next month. (more) (sample photos)