Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 Years, gone in a flash.

Wales - A reward is being offered for the safe return of a stolen laptop containing 10 years of a company's work.

Thieves broke into DB Liquid Ltd in Ruthin and made off with two laptops. One contained specialised software in which the firm had invested over £250,000. Company director Geoffrey Williams said the programs would be no use to anyone else, but means systems of work spanning 10 years could be lost to the database constructing firm...

“We’d developed a lot of our system software on the laptop which was backed up on a flash drive,” he said. “But unfortunately that was stolen too which means 10 years of work has gone down the drain.

10 years of work and only a flash drive back-up?!?!
The flash drive was stolen, too!?!?
An investment of over £250,000?!?!
"...would be no use to anyone else..." ?!?!
I'm not buying it. 
Are you? 

I wonder who did, and for how much?
Yours truly, Johnny Dollar.