Sunday, July 25, 2010

Got a stick? You can spy!

According to Mugil all you need is a USB stick and a FREE program called “USBThief_Modified_by_NEO”. 

USB Thief is a simple program which makes your standard USB stick into a spying USB stick, if you plug it into someone’s PC, it will extract all the passwords from it.

This improved version also steals ALL of the following:
• Visited Links List
• Internet Explorer Cache List
• Internet Explorer Passwords List
• Instant Messengers Accounts List
• Installed Windows Updates List
• Mozilla Cache List
• Cookies List
• Mozilla History List
• Instant Messengers Accounts List
• Search Queries List
• Adapters Report
• Network Passwords List
• TCP/UDP Ports List
• Product Key List
• Protected Storage Passwords List
• PST Passwords List
• Startup Programs List
• Video Cache List

The question is, "Do you trust him?"
Feeling lucky?
His program is here.

As always... 
Why do I mention it?
So you will know what you are up against.
• Never let someone else stick you with their stick.
• Never stick yourself with a dirty stick.