Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spy High

UK - A university is offering a degree - in SPYING.

Students are studying organised crime and terror groups for an MSc in Intelligence Data at Coventry University.

The 12-month postgraduate course - the first in the UK - has been set up because so many students want to work in intelligence. Applications to join MI5 and MI6 have risen 90 per cent in 10 years.

The university said: "We don't teach students how to hide behind newspapers with holes cut out for eyes, but how to interpret data and build criminal profiles for police and anti-terror organisations." (more)

• The course is available online and can be studied either part-time or full-time. 
Colombo is the Senior Lecturer for the Criminology portion. (Just coincidence?) 
• "...and conduct your own research project"
• Those wishing to study this course can apply online by completing this online application form. "Unfortunately we cannot process online applications from international applicants at this time. Please check our website for details of how to apply.