Friday, July 9, 2010

"What to do?" The First Responder Blues

The Cell Phone
dum-di-dum-dum (makes a great ringtone)
...he’s looking at a homicide. For one thing, there’s that bullet in her head. He immediately realizes that another sort of witness to this crime might be on the other end of that phone connection. He reaches through the open car window to grab the phone and thumb through its recent call history. Then he stops himself...

...He knows better than to disturb a crime scene. And he’s never seen that particular model of phone—he could potentially push the wrong buttons and destroy evidence. He needs to get that device to a forensic lab, where the information can be extracted properly, in a way that preserves not only the contacts, call histories, text messages, e-mail, images, and videos but also their admissibility in court. (more)
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The Bug in the Boardroom
It's a hot summer Monday morning. In the offices of Mongo Industries a secretary readies the Boardroom for the weekly strategy meeting. The air conditioning has been off all weekend, and just kicked in. Then...THUNK! 

Startled, she stares under the massive table. Her eyes adjust to the dark. A small dark object with gooey strips of masking tape near the Director's chair stares back.
"What would you do?" (click here)