Friday, July 30, 2010

Mission Impossible Data Destruction for Computers

from the press release...
UK - From 1st August, Stone, the UK's largest privately-owned computer hardware manufacturer, will only provide its public sector customers with PCs and laptops that include the famous "Mission: Impossible" option to self-destruct the data on the system prior to disposal...  These products will include - at no extra cost - a pre-configured executable programme which will allow the customer to perform a data erasure process in-house, without the presence of an engineer or the need to remove hardware to an off-site facility.

James Bird, CEO at Stone, explains, "It sounds like that great opening sequence in Mission: Impossible when the data self-destructs after 30 seconds! It is, of course, very carefully controlled and managed and there isn't the excitement of flames and smoke, just a simple electronic signal! But with the penalty for data protection breaches now reaching up to 500,000 pounds for organisations which do not properly manage the deletion of their records... (more)