Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two Polls

This poll reflects the opinions of our Security Scrapbook readers.  

Which privacy invasions concern you the most? 
(Pick three.)

26% - Mobile Phone Spyware
18% - Computer Spyware
14% - Bugging
12% - GPS Tracking
11% - Covert Video (SpyCams)
6% - Wiretapping
6% - Covert Voice Recording
5% - Physical Eavesdropping
1% - Other (unspecified)

The following poll asked about smartphone security concerns. It was independently conducted by one of our Security Scrapbook readers. 

They placed their poll on two very different Web sites; one sports oriented, one more military oriented.

What's your approach to smartphone security? 
(Poll allowed users to check more than one.)
29.3% - I just don't do financial stuff with it.
15.5% - Whatever came with it is good enough. I hope.
13.7% - I added a special security program.
13.7% - OK, but who'd want to hack/eavesdrop on me?
12% - Haven't even thought about it.
10.3% - I double-check all apps before downloading.
5.0% - Not worried - Apple's got my back.

Granted, neither poll is scientifically sound or statistically significant, but the answers are interesting on an informal level. 

Thanks to all who participated. 

If you have any ideas for future Security Scrapbook polls please let me know. ~Kevin