Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Apple Bug That Let Us Spy on a Total Stranger’s iPhone

via Gizmodo...
Every single iMessage to and from this man's iPhone—his friends call him Wiz—has been sent to us by accident. We know about his job, sex life, and address. Apple, you might want to fix this. The story is simple... this is like a wiretap we didn't ask for—and Wiz has no idea I'm looped in on the whole thing. He texts throughout the day like usual, oblivious to the snooping. Now we see just how big of a deal this obscure "bug" is: Your entire personal life could be flung open, and you'd never know. Take our word for it—we've gotten to know Wiz pretty well. (more)

P.S. They even figured out that "Wiz" is an Apple employee, and at which store.