Saturday, February 11, 2012

Draw Cubby and Become a Police Sketch Artist... for FREE

"Cubby" is the guy who just mugged you.
Now, you can draw him for the police!

SketchFace, created by Ali Daneshmandi, is an incredible free web application for creating a photo-realistic facial composite pictures. 

Be warned. You will probably blow the rest of your weekend playing with this. ~Kevin

Ali's amazing story...
I started to learn using computer when I was 18 by learning Photoshop! Yes, I didn’t know how to use computers but I’d wanted to learn Photoshop :D . There was no one around me to help me on that. So I started by myself by trial and error besides reading Photoshop Help. This made me a self learner later on... I am a continue learner who is always anxious to create great and cool user experiences.