Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Security Director Tip: Prepare here... before it hits the fan.

In any enterprise, stuff happens. When you hear about it, it is probably bad stuff.
Here's a great resource to prevent some of the bad stuff from happening - and to deal effectively with the consequences of the bad stuff that can't be prevented. 

Business Survival(tm) is a blog filled with great information and resources for key decision-makers from Rothstein Associates Inc.  

It covers:  
• Business Continuity, 
• Disaster Recovery, 
• Enterprise Resilience, 
• Crisis Management, 
• Crisis Communication, 
• Emergency Management, 
• Risk Management and 
• Root Cause Analysis.  

Recent posts include:
Role of Social Media in Crisis Communication

Thousands of Industrial Systems Unwittingly Hooked Up to Internet 
How to improve your disaster recovery preparedness
Business Survival(tm)  has been published (in various formats) since 1997 by Philip Jan Rothstein - FBCI. Bookmark this gem, and check-in frequently, or you can subscribe for free, here.