Monday, February 13, 2012

Video: Multi-Billion Dollar Industrial Espionage Explained

Real Life Example: Titanium dioxide is a commonly used substance. It is in paint, but also shows up in sunscreen and food coloring. Hundreds of thousands of tons are shipped around the world every year.

Decades ago, DuPont developed secret processes to make high-quality titanium dioxide in a manner that is less toxic than the traditional production method. The process, which made it the most efficient maker in the world, is a closely held trade secret. Global sales of the product, which is dominated by DuPont, are $12 billion annually.

Titanium oxide makers in China use an older, more toxic, less efficient manufacturing process. But in 2010, Jinzhou Titanium Industry announced that it had achieved high-quality status production like DuPont. That claim may be tied to the apparent theft of DuPont trade secrets. (more)