Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SpyCam Story #651 - "FL, pass that law quickly!"

FL - A Pensacola man is facing charges accused of taking photos of a woman in a public bathroom. Security video shows the suspect, Johnathan Smith going into the bathroom at Books-a-Million on Davis Highway.

A few minutes later the victim runs out, screaming for help.

Escambia deputies say, Smith took off running with witnesses in pursuit. Smith later told deputies that he knew what he did was wrong. (more)

FL - Two women who were spied on and videotaped by a former Gainesville police officer have sued the city, the officer and former Chief Norman Botsford, claiming that the city failed to maintain policies and procedures that could have prevented the voyeurism.

The two were among the victims for which officer Brett Robison was charged with seven counts of video voyeurism in 2010. He pleaded no contest last year to a charge of official misconduct in a plea agreement that dropped the seven charges. (more)


FL -  A man faces child pornography and double-digit video voyeurism charges after a female victim witnessed him filming her at a Publix grocery store, according to a police report.

Police first arrested the man, 41-year-old Charles Korst. Police say that Korst placed a camera in a hand held basked and used it to film the undergarments of a woman shopping at the Publix located on 1700 North Monroe Street.

Police obtained a search warrant for Korst's home, which was in walking distance from the store, based on the belief that the camera and digital media used in the crime were inside.

On the same day, police executed the warrant. During a search, they found an external hard drive hidden behind a dresser drawer.

After reviewing the files of the hard drive, police say they found evidence that Korst filmed under the skirts of multiple women at many different locations. Some of the locations appear to be Target, Wal-mart, Home Depot and Publix. (more)