Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today in Eavesdropping News

PA - Three members of one family have pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the concealing of a digital recorder inside the home of another relative because they did not believe his alibi for the night a Buffalo Township woman was murdered.

Douglas Edward Louk, 43, and his wife, Kristen Louk, 29, both of 1149 Robinson Highway, Robinson Township, and Loretta Holland, 45, and Robert E. Boyd, 39, both of 2995 Taft St., North Franklin Township, were charged by state police with wiretapping and criminal conspiracy. (more)

Philippines - Controversial Personality’s problems never end. After a series of unfortunate events, CP is in trouble again. According to online buzz, bosses are investigating employees’ complaints against CP. Coworkers suspect CP of bugging their cell phones using a certain computer software. Should Former Lover change phones and passwords now? CP, who’s been rebuffed by the public for such shenanigans, just never learns. (more)